Why is there to do near me?

The best place to watch the glorious sunset over lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. A serene place without crowds of tourists, cyclists or marijuana smokers. If you're hungry, head to Westville, which we loved for lunch, or Juliana's to try their iconic pizzas. Their No, 1 pizza is also very tasty (with Oregon white truffles).

Here, you can find a unique collection of around 30,000 items, including musical instruments, masks, dolls and fossils. It's a great place for children to have fun and enjoy. For more ideas on places to visit in one of New York City's most popular districts, check out our list of the best things to do in Brooklyn. Stroll through the gardens to see flowers like azaleas, peonies, magnolias and more bloom around you.

The Brooklyn Museum is one of the best things to do in Brooklyn for art lovers. Located near Prospect Park and next to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, this museum is home to 1.5 million works.